Laghezza SpA provides consultancy, assistance and training to companies operating
in the international market.

Our goal is to streamline import/export processes, making them 

predictable, fast, efficient and secure.

Find out what we can do for your business


  • Goods classification

  • Origin of goods and where they are made

  • Customs valuation

  • AEO
  • Special customs procedures

  • Import/export and dual-use controls

  • VAT in trade with EU and non-EU countries

  • Excise duty and use taxes

  • Incoterms

  • Customs controls

  • Due diligence on customs compliance in connection with extraordinary operations 

  • Customs litigation

  • Constant updating

The dynamics of international trade change all the time and it is necessary to know the “rules of the game”.

To this end, we provide:


both in person and remotely.

Our training courses are tailored to our client’s specific characteristics and needs, with the aim of providing a high level of understanding of complex customs issues.

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